Work Life Balance

Feld has this interesting article about work and life balance. There are some interesting points made in his article as well as in the comments:

  • After seeking balance in life, the quality of the work actually improved.
  • Is it necessary to temporarily screw the WLB to achieve financial success? – Not so, says other as financial necessity is something that does not stop at 20s or mid 30s, but continues till 60s. Screwing up WLB till then is highly undesirable and unsustainable.
  • But does temporarily screwing WLB to excel at work in the beginning – say first 5-10 years with the sole aim of improving oneself – lay a path of success in career? It seems so to me.
  • One’s partner also helps immensely in achieving WLB by constantly kicking one’s ass. 🙂
  • One commenter puts WLB in a micro-sense and says:

When I have exams, I always make sure to exercice. It takes an hour. That may seem like a lot of time, but I find that my brain is much more receptive after I exercice. And I get a fun break.

  • Some one else says this:

Success is balanced growth, while Cancer is unchecked growth.

Feld proposes some habits to inculcate WLB

  • Spend time away with the near and dears without any contact with the work world.
  • Segment house and work space
  • Meditate well to bring peace of mind.
  • Be present
  • And take time with near and dears to talk how life was, is and should be.

Is the mental fatigue in one’s life because of absence of balance? Is the indecisiveness to get on to do some work because of absence of balance? Nevertheless, the question, what is life(to me)? has to be answered first and then a balance has to be achieved. 🙂


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