Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Digital digressions has an interesting post on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Some nuggets:

People’s praise, a fat pay-check, a big watch, a nice car, a big house.. all those things have gained such importance in our lives these days, probably because of the advertising and marketing industry’s triumph in convincing us we are all losers, unless we have these symbols of success.

These symbols have become very much what people measure themselves up against, signs of achievement and in fact rabbits, that whippet-like youngsters mindlessly chase around a track for, not because they necessarily want it, but because a lack of self-reflection and awareness has made it possible for the world to substitute individual values with collective definitions of what one SHOULD do, have or seen to be doing.

The only way to avoid getting caught up in materialism is to understand where your happiness and fulfillment comes from.

We need the courage and honesty with ourselves to open up and examine our lives and ask ourselves the hard questions.

As the chairman of Hewlett Packard said on many occasions; “profit is what allows us to be here, but profit is not the reason for us to be here”.

I suppose serving the test of time is what all of us earn for ultimately – fashion, fads, hairstyles all change, our jobs change, even our lifestyles – but who we are, well, if that rests on a more solid foundation than simply with the size of our car and the trappings of our latest salary package, means we also have the fortitude to last through the hard times.


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