Some nuggets by one of our managers

He is Ganesh. Here it is:

The field is littered with too many experts who can make convincing arguments… until you hear the opposite expert making an even more convincing argument. We just move from one level of ignorance to the other (Eggs are good for you – no they’re bad – no they’re good – no they’re dangerous – no they’re perfecly safe – are not – are too…)

There is only one way: take real numbers from a proposed scheme, put it in a spreadsheet and try it out. You would be surprised at how easily a percentage point here and there in fund management or administrative charges makes a difference to the compounded outcome. Factor in inflation and you’re in for another surprise.

At my current level of ignorance, I can confidently say that
Roses are red
ULIPs are blue
Whole life plans
are bad for you

I am envious about all these fellas out there. 🙂 How do they attain such wisdom?


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