What all is offshorable?

Alan S. Blinder, who seems to be worried about the offshoring of jobs to the third world, in his article explains:

Tax accounting is easily offshorable; onsite auditing is not. Computer programming is offshorable; computer repair is not. Architects could be endangered, but builders aren’t. Were it not for stiff regulations, radiology would be offshorable; but pediatrics and geriatrics aren’t. Lawyers who write contracts can do so at a distance and deliver them electronically; litigators who argue cases in court cannot.

The two factors that, he claims, is going to boost this phenomenon are:

  • Rapid improvements in information and communication technologies which kind of makes a vast array of services deliverable electronically.
  • Rise of India and China (in both demographic count as well as the count of skilled people ready for a job). The more they are, the cheaper they will be and more is the probability for offshoring. (This trend somehow is not working now-a-days in India – is what I sense. May be, I am wrong)

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