The Tangled Web of Corruption

Atanu in his post, explains his first hand experience (kind of) of the strong chains of corruption. In his post, he also gets a bit nostalgic and shares his thoughts. Some, that I like, are here:

there is a distinction between symptoms and underlying causes.

For instance, I truly learnt that there is a distinction between being healthy and being fit.

things aren’t always what they appear to be superficially.

Life was good and the living was easy. Yet, something kept nagging me at the back of my mind. Having been born and brought up in middle-class India, I could not take the wealth I saw around me for granted. Why, I naively asked myself, was India so much poorer than this wonderful place that I lived in?

It was not mere intellectual curiosity that forced the question of poverty upon me. I was (and still am) an emotionally sensitive person.

I highly recommend aim-less wandering as a systematic way of learning about the world.

I had given myself five years to figure out what I would do next in my life.


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