Malls stall

This weekend, I have been to Big Bazaar and Vishal MegaMart with my mom. At first, I thought how come Big Bazaar is going to have business given that Vishal has been around for quite sometime. I got an answer to this question this weekend.

The fact is that both are full to its brim and is struggling to accommodate more. Both fail to scale at the billing section. There are not enough number of billing counters at all the floors. While Vishal at least has some space to accommodate people at the goods section, Big Bazaar turned out to be small here.

The billing counters are pathetic:

  1. The bar codes are not scanned properly by the scanning machines, which means the speed with which the queue moves is at the mercy of the person who is entering the scan codes.
  2. The guys out there hit the keyboard like maniacs.
  3. People do not follow a queueing discipline which irritates me without end and keeps on reminding me that education is the single most important thing that should happen in this country.

Amid all this, I miss my cute, little, peaceful town where life used to be so easy. Mom misses too.


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