India’s real infrastructure problem

Lack of roads, improper buildings, unsustainable energy demands? No, says Prabhakar Raghavan:

India’s real infrastructure problem–with no solution in sight–is not airports or electricity; it is the virtual nonexistence of graduate education and research in information and other crucial technologies. Consider this for starters: The U.S. produces about 1,400 Ph.D.s in computer science annually and China about 3,000. By stark comparison, India’s annual computer science Ph.D. production languishes at roughly 40. That number is about the same as that for Israel, a nation with roughly 5% of India’s population size.

….But a disproportionately small fraction of them are focused on technology innovation or on new product conception, design or architecture. That’s because these advanced jobs require advanced training in abstraction and experimentation.

This and some other interesting articles on India, as she celebrates her 60th year of independence, are available here.


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