From one of the professors at IITB, that I find myself nodding with every sentence. Who else can capture the reality so succinctly? 🙂

For our sordid state, people need to bash something which has no
surviving defendants. Instead of “Nehru-Gandhi socialism” if you blame
“corporate greed” or “public indifference” or “lack of civic
consciousness” you will land in trouble, because those problems have
only increased in absolute terms in the last 50 years, and the corporate
types will defend their actions and the illiterate citizens will defend
their rights and so on. More likely, people will convince you that those
problems are nonexistent, or getting better, or not as bad as you think.
All this will make any sort of closure or cordial agreement
impossible, and that always sours the ongoing if short-lived great
Indian middle-class party.

Blame something alive and it will be at your throat. Blame the deceased
and everyone feels safe enough to come our and join the screed.

Another classic 🙂

Civilization involves a careful exchange of some personal independence (driving on both sides of the road) for greater common efficiency
(traffic speed).


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