Been to US

for a couple of weeks. Attended a conference at Florida and then to Silicon Valley to work at my head office for some days.

US is a nice place – pizza, burger, sandwich, high on gasoline, high on power, high on paper not withstanding. If you dont have a car, then you cannot go visit places so easily. The public transport is not so good – I was told – because everybody owns a car – father, mother, children. No problem, I happily sat in the apartment and watched TV once I am back from office. 🙂

The airports, roads are so consistent and verbose that one does not need contact anybody to ask for directions. I visited Washington, Denver, San Jose, San Fransisco, Mountain View (some only airports and some actual cities) – man they are damn consistent.

The places looked so deserted to me – unlike in India, where one would easily come into other’s way frequently. Visited a couple of houses – a big car shed (mostly of the size of a 1 bhk apartment in India that can easily house a small family), swimming pool, garden – oh boy! US has a lot of land. US is about atleast about 10 times as bigger in terms of space and about 1/10th in population, when compared to India. May be they could afford so much of it. But not India, I think.


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