IITB Faculty Woes

Here is a presentation given by the faculty-residents of IITB to the deputy director. Yet there seems to be no or sluggish response from the administration.

All I know is this: if the faculty leaves the institution because they think there is no point in wasting their time (and hence life) in these ephemeral things (compared to their main research, of course), IITs will suffer big time. The administration is not realizing the value and the role of faculty in churning out elite students (whether for India or US, is a different matter). Faculty should be given the most respect and facilities. They truly deserve it. That is the least the admin can and should do to retain them. If they are gone, we are gone.

While most corporations have the issue of “retaining talent” off the top of their big heads, how come the administration (i.e. the Govt of India) does not seem to care about the potential loss of IITs’ spine because of their stupid actions?


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