Indians Have Extreme Conceitedness?

Behold Meera Nanda’s article in Hindu where she gives info on the recent survey conducted by US’s Pew Foundation. The basic question that was asked is: “Do you agree that We may not be the best in the world, but our culture is the most superior in the world?

When people are asked this kind of questions, I wonder how much time they are allowed to think before answering yes or no. And given that the answers are boolean in nature (barring the lazy “I dont know” answer), I also wonder if people are asked “Why do you think so?”. Just taking yes/no answers without taking explanations, is in my opinion, a bit futile exercise.

Anyways, Indians top the list (with 93%) saying yes. What is the purpose of the culture if it does not get the best out of us? Agreeing, at the same time, that ours is best culture and also we are not perfect seems ironic to me. If ours is the best culture, then ought we be the best? I donno.

Another irony:

…76 per cent of Indians, as compared with 70 per cent of Americans, are pro-market despite the problem of inequality….

..While we say we like free markets, 92 per cent of us also want the state to step in and take care of the poor…

See the overlap – between 76% and 92% – meaning 68% (A + B – AUB)  of the people who preferred capitalism also preferred state control. That says it all – we don’t know what we talk about. We need to know what we talk about.


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