What is Freedom?

I am currently reading De Bono’s The Free Mind (Ha!, while everybody is linking to amazon.com, thou shall link to Sify.com, the nearest viable shopping site. 🙂 ), and De Bono asks a very good question. What is freedom? Just because you are free from coercion, are you really free? This is a very good question.

Lets consider India for example. India got freedom in 1947. We are, since then, free from coercion. We are free. But are our minds really free? We have choices to choose from, but do we really see all choices? This is the subject of the book. The goal of the book is to free the mind from all such blockages that  prevent us from seeing clearly.

There may be many reasons why we do not see clearly. It is because of our perceptional limitations. It may be because of lack of information – either information is not available, or it is manipulated or selected which results in our inability to see the options clearly. It may also be because of our expectations (which I think is very closely related to our perceptions).


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