Another One by Osho

Maturity, The Responsibility of Being Onself. I really liked an analogy with a growing tree:

For growing up just watch a tree. As a tree grows up, its roots are growing down, deeper. There is a balance. The higher the tree grows, the deeper the roots will go. You cannot have a tree one hundred and fifty feet high with small roots; they could not support such a huge tree.

In life growing up means growing deep within yourself – that’s where your roots are.

Another classic:

…You try hard to reach Everest. It is so dangerous – every possibility of dying on the way, every possibility of never reaching to the peak.; hazardous, dangerous. Death is waiting for you at each step, so many traps and so many possibilities of being defeated rather than being successful. Out of one hundred possibilities, there is only one possibility that you may reach. But the closer you come to the peak, the higher the joy rises in you. Your spirit soars high. You earn it, it is not free. And the more you have paid for it, the more you will enjoy it. Then imagine – you can be dropped from a helicopter on the top. You will stand on the top and you will just look silly, stupid- what are you doing here? Within five minutes you will be finished, you will say, “So, I have seen it! There is nothing much here!”

The journey creates the goal. The goal is not sitting there at the end of the journey, the journey creates it at each step. The journey is the goal. The journey and the goal are not separate, they are not two things. The end and the means are not two things. The end is spread over all the way; all the means contain the end in them.

So never miss any opportunity of living, of being alive, of being responsible, of being committed, of getting involved. Don’t be a coward. Face life, encounter it. And then slowly, slowly something inside you will crystallize.


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