Religion Vs Science

Whatever be the context, this post puts the comparison in nice words:

A true believer in religion doesn’t need proof, faith is enough for them. In fact, a lack of faith and a desire to see empirical truth is seen as a severe failing of character by the faithful. Conversely, a follower of science finds it difficult to conceive of how someone could simply not want to undertsand something. The very act of surrendering to a higher power rather continuing the quest for knowledge is incomprehensible to the follower of science.

And then goes on to tell how to get a student of science religious. 🙂

Mind you, if you want to see an IT worker get religious, start up on their pet operating system / programming language / development methodology / technology platform and/or gaming system. There’s nothing quite as fierce as a technology based holy war. (emphasis mine)

Oh my!! how true it is!! Almost all such arguments/debates that I have heard tend to lose the sight of science and people quickly start to tell their feelings/preferences. I am no exception. 🙂 But it is good to be aware of this so in future I can self-correct myself in such situations.

And this explains how we make most of our decisions.


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