Classic one..

Ok, I admit I have been reading Atanu’s blog since morning. It’s been difficult to focus out of the blog. I really like the way Atanu brings up some beautiful metaphors. Here is a classic:

What is the foundation upon which the system rests? Undoubtedly it has to be the constitution. I guess is that the constitution of India is flawed.

It is easy to dismiss my opinion as that of a person who is not an authority on constitutions. True enough. But what would you say to the village idiot who witnesses the spectacular blowing up of a huge complicated machinery — a device that he could not ever have designed or created — and exclaims, “The guy who designed it is an idiot”? The problem with the machine is revealed unquestionably by the failure of the machine. One does not have to be a genius to observe the effects of faulty design.


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