My Feelings

I have always felt somethings that I see others putting them forward. I used the word felt because I did not think them, just felt them. A feeling that something is so and so or something is not gonna work.

Today I encountered two situations where my feelings were put forth by ppl. One is Atanu’s blog post on Innovation and Enterpreneurship in India and other is a TED 2009 talk by Bill Gates. In the former Atanu argues that India does not need innovation now. There are already some low hanging fruits and we just need to pick them. Plucking high hanging fruits is simply not our business (or atleast when there are low hanging fruits available). High hanging fruits are related to innovation and low hanging ones are related to implementing solutions that are already available. This was something that I always felt, but never put forth in a clear articulate manner. Atanu did it. He is way ahead of me. 🙂

And the second one is by Bill Gates. This was something that I posed as a question in this blog long time back. Bill Gates argues that there are some very important problems (eradicating diseases, providing quality education) that the system does not make it happen or the Market does not by default invest in. There are ppl who argue that privatizing education sector in India is going to take the education sector off the ground to great heights. But I simply dont get it – I dont know what incentive does private sector has in doing this. They will accept ppl as consumers who have money. And millions of poor children dont have money. I am talking about basic primary education btw. Higher education is a high hanging fruit in the context of primary education. Bill Gates argues that these problems need to be explicitly tackled out of the Market environment by brilliant and good people.

I am glad to realize that my feelings are sensible. 🙂


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