Noticed Something Today

I was watching Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs 2010 program in Zee Telugu today. Some kids (11 yr old kids) really sang well. All the judges were giving comments on how the starting, ending, landing notes could be done better. The audience in general acknowledge this and agree with their comments.

Imagine a similar situation where somebody is thinking aloud in front of judges and audience and after s/he is done, the judges identify flaws in his thinking, comment on how he could have thought better, how different reasons and facts could have been juxtaposed better, how open mindedness, fairness, rationality and other such finer things could have interplayed better and audience agreeing with it.

I am just dreaming, but the point I want to drive home is that the way people demand rigor in somethings like music, beauty, etc. does not even compare with what they expect of thinking. May be because, the former is related to senses and the later is related to cortex – which has only recently evolved. May be in future, thinking will be as natural as sensing for people. Are we moving towards that direction?


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