On Confidence..

A nice article on confidence and its positive side effects:

Think about the last time you did not speak up in a meeting or did not apply for a new position at work. Now, think about why you chose not to act. It was most likely your hesitancy was laced with a sense of under-confidence.

Confidence is the fuel that drives us; it is life’s enabler. And, if that’s the case, it is better to believe a bit too much in your capabilities than is called for, because then you lean toward doing things instead of just thinking about doing them

Confidence stirs in you the ability to act; productivity gives you the tools to act well. Confidence is linked to doing and productivity is about efficient, effective execution. Confidence is what turns thoughts into actions and it is this “action” side that relates to productivity. The natural consequence of under confidence or insecurity is inaction which often manifests itself as procrastination—the antithesis of productivity.

Confident people are productive and, it’s a self-catalyzing cycle. Confidence leads to productivity which leads to confidence which leads to productivity in an ongoing cycle.

  • Confidence is a choice. It’s a choice you make to act or do or decide. Create an environment that supports you taking action. For example, make a list of tasks that can be completed in 15 minutes or less and when you feel the pull of procrastination, the natural byproduct of under confidence, just complete one item on your list. The action will beget more action.
  • Take small incremental steps towards your goals. Small steps prepare you to take more meaningful risks which will increase your confidence.
  • Remember the growth mindset—a willingness to learn—this can be a confidence booster.

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